Jun 16: Releases, release announcements, date announcements, and update

-Dragon Quest VII for 3DS is dated for Sep 16 in NA and EU!
-Dragon Quest Builders for PS4 and Vita PSN is dated for Oct 11 in NA and Oct 14 in EU!
-Ever Oasis for 3DS is announced for NA and EU!
-fault – Milestone ONE is announced for PS4 PSN and Vita PSN and as a physical PS4 and Vita excluusive through the Limited Run Games Store in NA and EU!
-Gal Gun: Double Peace for PS4 and Vita is dated for Jul 19 in NA and Jul 15 in EU!
-Kingdom Hearts Unchained Chi for iOS and Android is out today in EU!
-The Last Guardian for PS4 has an LE announced in NA and EU!
-Mario Party: Star Rush for 3DS is announced and dated for Nov 4 in NA and Oct 8 in EU!
-Nurse Love Addiction for Steam is out today in NA and EU!
-Paper Mario: Color Splash for WiiU is dated for Oct 7 in NA and EU!
-Rhythm Heaven Megamix for 3DS eShop was released yesterday in NA!


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