Jun 23: Release

Unholy Heights is announced for 3DS eShop and is out today in NA and EU!

Jun 21: Releases and release announcement

-Grand Kingdom for PS4 PSN and Vita PSN is out today in NA!
-Mighty No. 9 for PS3 PSN, PS4, XBone, and WiiU is out today in NA, and for Steam in NA and EU! The Xbox LIVE version for NA has been delayed, however.
-Resident Evil: Umbrella Corps. for PS4 PSN and Steam is out today in NA and EU!
-Xblaze Lost: Memories for PS3 and Vita is out today in EU!
-“Yomi wo Saku Hana” is announced for XBone in NA and EU! (Will most likely be via LIVE, but will confirm when the news comes)