Jul 31: Release date announcement

Steins;Gate for iOS is semi-dated for Sep in NA and EU!


Jul 29: Release

ChuSingura46+1 S – Chapter 2 & 3 for Steam is out today in NA!
(I also added ChuSingura46+1 S – Chapter 1, which was released last month, but considered a ‘demo’).

Jul 29: Releases

-Fairy Fencer F: Advent Dark Force for PS4 is out today in EU!
-Gal Gun: Double Peace for PS4 and Vita is out today in EU!
-Supipara: Alice the Magical Conductor – Chapter 1 Spring Has Come! –  Ch 1 for Steam is out today in NA and EU!
-Corona Blossom Vol.1 Gift From the Galaxy for Steam apparently came out on the 27th, in NA and EU!