This was a project of mine that started a couple years ago, because I was always lost with what titles were coming out, specifically niche Japanese titles. I decided to take it upon myself to create quite a project, for me and others of a very friendly forum, and list out not only games coming out to North America, but Europe as well. It’s something that I had started to archive in the past years, and always update continuously each time an announcement of either a new title was announced, dated, or delayed. Every day in my free time I constantly update, and tweak the list, and always thoroughly poke around the net for news of other titles to list. This site itself is incredibly unique, as nothing else quite like this currently exists on the Internet!

Of course, I have had quite a bit of help from others along the way, so I thank everyone that has helped me out with this project in the past 🙂 It is all greatly appreciated!!! (You know who you all are^^) You all helped me start my vision. This was the creation that I later made myself, on what the potential could be in a blog-style website.

Note: None of the games I post are 18+/H material. Although I am new to visual novels, I try and keep track to the best I can with which ones are “all-age” titles, in order to add them to the list. I also have not added any of the Nintendo Virtual Console titles. It is something I may update with in the future, but currently they are not included.

If you wish to contact me, please do so at japanlocalizations@gmail.com.

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